On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, we bottled over a thousand cases of the 2012 Elodian Cabernet Sauvignon. From the moment the grapes were picked in the fall of 2012, until the day of bottling, the wine was meticulously cared for while barrel aging for two and a half years. This makes the bottling process an [...]

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(Sex) In The Vineyard

When is a cluster not yet a cluster?As springtime weather permeates the Napa Valley with consistent warmth and blankets the vineyards in daily sunshine, the vines react and begin to reveal early clues about their future grape crop. The steady warm weather coaxes the vine into producing an abundance of leaves while at the same [...]

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Is This Where You Drink Wine?

If you've ever been to Tom Eddy Wines in Napa Valley, you know that we're located about 4 miles out of Calistoga and about 1,000 feet higher.  What you may not know is that we are not open to the public.In other words, according to County law, you must first call to make an appointment. [...]

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Guest Blogger: Jessica and Rob Return for Harvest 2012!

  Try as we might, the King duo cannot seem to get it together to be in Napa for the Kerry’s Vineyard harvest. There was still plenty do, however, when we met Jason at Cuvaison. The wine was already in the tanks, and there were nutrients to be added. We measured out DAP and Superfood, [...]

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Almost Ready to Release: Tom Eddy Cabernet 2008

Yes, the 2008 vintage (affectionately now known as the “wildfire vintage”) took us by firestorm (I know, cheesy pun).  No one winemaker in the North Coast was immune to some challenging maturity schedules with such a moderate spring, but an extraordinary summer dry period, culminating with a significant amount of heat in the months of [...]

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Weather in the Vineyard

For grape growers, gardeners and other farmers, the weather is the truth we live by.

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Kerry’s Vineyard Grape Pool

As Sherlock would say, the game is afoot.  In this case, pounds. That's right. If you can guess how many pounds of grapes we will harvest this year from our own Kerry's Vineyard, you have a chance to win a certificate good for a 3Liter bottle OR 2 Magnums of the 2004 Tom Eddy Cabernet. [...]

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The Tom Eddy 2006 Cab won’t be released until it’s ready.

Even though we won't officially release this wine until 2011, I thought I'd share some musings about the decidedly decadent 2006 Tom Eddy Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. I say decadent because it’s just plain rich and tasty, without being overly pretentious or harboring gut-wrenching tannins. This wine is also a perfect example of why winemaking [...]

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Manchester Ridge Vineyard Story

For a couple of generations one family ran cattle on a very wild, mountainous area of southern Mendocino near the Sonoma county line.  This gorgeous “untamed” area essentially was populated by coastal cedars, majestic pines and firs and a few black bears.  It was not uncommon to stumble across a secret patch of Cannabis on [...]

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