Suckering Our Cabernet Vineyard

We have about a week and a half window to sucker the young volunteer shoots before they become lignified (hardened) and harder to deal with.

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Divvying Up the Fabulous 2007 Cabernets

Thought all the fab 2007 Cabs were gone? Think again! We hold our wines longer in wood and bottle which means we're just now tasting our 2007s for future release.

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Spring Frost Alert?

It's raining now but just a few days ago, vineyard guys were jumping out of bed at 3am to activate the wind machines. Just in case.

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Vineyard Update: Breakin’ Buds

  Winter is waning, the days are lengthening, the air is warming…and the vines can sense it!  Extended periods of warmth and sunlight that usher in the seasonal change to Spring are waking the vines from their Winter dormancy. Cells begin to multiply using stored up starches within the vine to create the [...]

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Why mow when sheep can do the job?

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The Counter Experience

HOW TO TELL A GOOD WINE FROM A BAD WINE: a simple, totally unscientific method. 1) Buy a bottle of red wine. 2) Drink some and leave at least ½ of the wine in both. Maybe buy two. 3) Put the cork back in the bottle and leave on the counter. Do not refrigerate. 4) Try [...]

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Test your Napa Valley IQ. No prizes, just the knowledge that you’re up on Napa Valley! 1)  California produces 3,239,000 tons of wine grapes (versus table grapes). What percentage is from Napa Valley? a) 80%      b) 30%      c) 4%      d) 15% 2)  The first recognized commercial winery in NV was established in 1861. [...]

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Tongue Map Wine Myth Debunked

Don't mean to be a tattletale but so much for the makers of wine glasses that market their 'map tongue' influenced designs!

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Not just some lawyer or sportswriter

"when a group of professionally trained, knowledgeable wine tasters tell us they love our wine, well, that's a horse of a different color.."

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The Crush Is On And 2009 Looks Phenomenal !

In Napa Valley, Cab is King and this year may be the crowning year of the decade! Yes, all factors indicate a phenominal vintage but it will be the winemakers' expertise that will be the final deciding factor.

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