The Chardonnay Conundrum

To filter or not to filter…. In honor of the recent bottling our 2012 Tom Eddy Manchester Ridge Unfiltered Chardonnay, I thought it would be fun to discuss the pros and cons of making a product like this and discuss exactly what unfiltered means. Now some of you big Tom Eddy fans may not even [...]

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Pruning Methods In The Vineyard

In Napa Valley, there are three main styles of pruning in the vineyard: head-trained, cordon, and cane pruning.

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Weather in the Vineyard

For grape growers, gardeners and other farmers, the weather is the truth we live by.

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2010 Vintage Take Away: Follow The Winemaker

The lesson here is to be wary of wine critics over-generalizing on an entire vintage, whether good or bad.

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Harvest 2010 Napa Valley: Late But Great

Every lot of red wine I've seen this year has more depth of color of than any year that I can recall..

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Grapes Maturing in Kerry’s Vineyard

Taking the mystery out of wine words like veraison, brix and total acidity, assistant winemaker Jason Gerard gives it up in simple language.

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The 2010 vs 1998 Harvest Debate

So let me stick my neck out and say that 2010 could very well be a “classic” Cabernet vintage.

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Wires in the Vineyard? Trellising Begins.

Trellis wires are added to our organic vineyard to give support to new grape shoots and eventual grape clusters.

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Love Blooms in the Vineyard

Where grapevines are concerned, love means "bloom". And those tiny clusters that look like miniature grapes? Those are encapsulated flowers just waiting to make love.

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Suckering Our Cabernet Vineyard

We have about a week and a half window to sucker the young volunteer shoots before they become lignified (hardened) and harder to deal with.

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