The Chardonnay Conundrum

To filter or not to filter…. In honor of the recent bottling our 2012 Tom Eddy Manchester Ridge Unfiltered Chardonnay, I thought it would be fun to discuss the pros and cons of making a product like this and discuss exactly what unfiltered means. Now some of you big Tom Eddy fans may not even [...]

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Harvest 2011 With Guest Blogger, Jessica King.

Watching winemaking experts like Tom Eddy, I learned that all kinds of chemistry magic happens when making good wines.

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2010 Vintage Take Away: Follow The Winemaker

The lesson here is to be wary of wine critics over-generalizing on an entire vintage, whether good or bad.

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Why Wines Are Bottled in Large Bottles

"This is exactly why Large Format bottles generally can age for a longer period of time."

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The Making of Cabernet: Guest Blogger

"It can hardly be called wine; it is more like fizzy grape juice. It is very sweet and contains no alcohol because the yeast has not yet consumed the sugar".

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Harvest 2010 Napa Valley: Late But Great

Every lot of red wine I've seen this year has more depth of color of than any year that I can recall..

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Grapes Maturing in Kerry’s Vineyard

Taking the mystery out of wine words like veraison, brix and total acidity, assistant winemaker Jason Gerard gives it up in simple language.

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2007 Tom Eddy Cab Tech Sheet

2007 Tom Eddy Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest Information: Varietals:                 Cabernet Sauvignon(99%) , Petit Verdot (1%) Appellation:                       Napa Valley Vintage:                 2007 Harvest Dates:        September 10th – October 9th Ranch Breakdown: Bella Vista                       63%                Diamond Mt. Stagecoach                      21%                Atlas Peak Meteor                                       13%                     Mount George Spanos/Berberian                      3%                     Napa Valley (Pritchard [...]

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Divvying Up the Fabulous 2007 Cabernets

Thought all the fab 2007 Cabs were gone? Think again! We hold our wines longer in wood and bottle which means we're just now tasting our 2007s for future release.

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The Counter Experience

HOW TO TELL A GOOD WINE FROM A BAD WINE: a simple, totally unscientific method. 1) Buy a bottle of red wine. 2) Drink some and leave at least ½ of the wine in both. Maybe buy two. 3) Put the cork back in the bottle and leave on the counter. Do not refrigerate. 4) Try [...]

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